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Located in Belmont, California, Acton Academy Silicon Valley delivers a 21st century education in a self-directed environment where learners become independent, global citizens prepared for the real world.

Acton SV delivers experiential learning emphasizing teamwork, social-emotional awareness and a growth-mindset.

✔️ Innovative academic program
✔️ Hands-on exploration and discovery
✔️ Quest-based learning
✔️ Socratic guiding, critical thinking, growth mindset
✔️ Mastery based learning
✔️ No homework
✔️ Friendly, collaborative environment
✔️ Passionate faculty

Currently enrolling ages 5-14 for our in-person program. Limited spaces available. Fill out the form below to receive more information and join our upcoming info session.

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Openings for children 5 to 14 years old

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Acton Academy Silicon Valley

Learn to Do: Quest-based Learning, Creativity and Innovation

Through hands-on projects, experiential learning, and an entrepreneurial mindset our learners will master the skills needed to solve real-world problems while learning the value of teamwork, problem-solving, hard work, and perseverance.

Learn to Be: a Student-led Community

We will step back so that each learner can step up and obtain the qualities of a curious, independent, lifelong learners, such as character, collaboration, and citizenship.

Learn to Know: Mastery-based learning

We make time every day for our learners to master the foundations of core academic skills (Math, Reading, Writing) through project-based exploration, self-paced mastery, and deliberate practice of Communication skills (reading, oral, and written).

Learn to Learn: Socratic Guiding, Critical Thinking, and a Growth-Mindset

Instead of lectures, we offer intellectual challenges and “Quests” and guide the students to find the skills, tools, and materials to construct their own answers.

Our Mission

To create an environment of curiosity and deep exploration where every child can be who they are meant to be and find their calling.

Our Education Philosophy

The transformative learning process at Acton Academy Silicon Valley is designed to help our learners grow both in and out of the classroom. Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new educational and social situations to further development. Our guides create a safe and open setting, where they can encourage learners to explore the world around them.

What sets us apart?

  • Active learning vs. passive learning
  • We are research-driven instead of textbook-driven
  • Our students and our guides co-create and co-learn
  • We believe in an integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum
  • We believe in collaboration where learners work together in mixed-age studios
  • We are driven by exploration and creativity where learning extends beyond the “classroom”
  • We have portfolios + exhibitions not grades

A Little About Our Programs

Spark (Ages 5-6)

Spark Studio is a Montessori-styled environment of whole child development: cognitive, physical, emotional, and social. Children in Spark learn and discover through play and exploration of their natural interests.

Discovery (Ages 7-11)

A learner in the Discovery studio builds a foundation of learning and discovery through personalized core skills, exploratory Quest projects, and play.

Exploration (Ages 12-14)

Explorers are encouraged to take control of their education, work on difficult real-world quests, challenge themselves, and think more deeply about today’s relevant problems.

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